What we do

A team that loves to create

  • TruCloud Virtual Machines and Virtual Data Centres
  • TruCloud Backup providing off-site backup and recovery services
  • TruCloud Disaster Recovery replication and operation of your operations
  • TruCloud Support and Operations being there when you need help

Why Choose Us?

Keep it simple

TruCloud Solutions is a local Zimbabwe company that provides Cloud services to local businesses. A group of directors recently took over at Formula Chemicals, and in working to transform that company, realised that there was a gap in the local market for quality IT services.

TruCloud Solutions aims to provide the best cloud technology locally. We encourage to only consume what is needed, not invest in large projects that might never be used.

TruCloud Solutions helps businesses utilise cloud technologies and realise tangible benefits when switching to cloud services

Our Products & Services

Cloud Backup
Desktop file backup through to server imaging and cloud restore. Speak to us about your backup requirements and ensure you business does not lose data.


Shared Hosting

Excellent value shared hosting services for your online stores, blogs, websites and web projects.

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Cloud Migration

Aged Hardware, poor datacenter facilities, fluctuating power? Migrate to TruCloud services using the best of the cloud and get consistent performance, service and value from your servers.

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Cloud Servers

Enjoy the speed and flexibility of TruCloud hosting. From simple VPS servers to large complicated installations. We can help you achieve your goals.

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eCommerce Hosting

Link your SAP ERP System to an Online store or CRM system and benefit from shared data and an Omnichannel experience for your customers.

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Office Tools

Utilise office tools in the cloud and only spend what you need to spend. Benefit from hosted Desktop office tools, reduce complexity and increase collaboration in a secure space.

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